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The Termination - France lyrics

Eu, você, nós dois
Aqui neste terraço à beira-mar

Verse 1 (Kacpa)
Look to my left, This lady puffin' no stress
Pourin' out Vino, After three or fo'
She said could we roll three or fo' mo'
Just breathin' like a dragon
Added to my attraction
A love addict
When it comes to spreadin' there's no ration
Only when we converse on the real
No detachment
Movie playin' projectin' ideas from soul mind leaders
Let me roll some more lettuce
Make her eyes reddish
This relish for the baddest
EST dot new talents
Forget about the calen-dars
I'm too into hers
p**y purrs out my phone
I'm too damn gone
Feelin' Alice, away from home
Flown from my dome, but
This lady take me back
She got somethin' behind that...

Eu, você, nós dois (ohhhhh wow)
Aqui neste terraço à beira-mar

Eu, você, nós dois (Parlez-vous français)
Aqui neste terraço à beira-mar

Verse 2 (Antt)
Left my seat where I was sittin'
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In my eyes I see this kitten
She purrin' like she want it
When she walk she tries to flaunt it
Peered in my mind and I drew blank
She could've pushed me off a plank
But now she got me fallin' through the clouds
Only thinking 'bout her smile
Damn it drives me wild
To a point where I can't fathom separation for a while
She's my remedy
In my head it's only her in bed with me
Ain't no other woman make me feel good like a melody
It's elementary these games she loves to send to me
Drivin' me crazy past the point of insanity
Dammit B, why I always let them handle me
Tried to cut myself loose
She tracta-beam me back wit'a flash
It's so easy with an a** like that
Love everything about her
Tastier than chowder
Never ever gonna leave her
Even if she love the powder

Eu, você, nós dois
Aqui neste terraço à beira-mar

Eu, você, nós dois
Aqui neste terraço à beira-mar
O sol já vai caindo
E o seu olhar
Parece acompanhar a cor do mar
Você tem que ir embora
A tarde cai
Em cores se desfaz
O sol caiu no mar
E a primeira luz lá embaixo se acendeu
Você e eu

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