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The Temper Trap - Chain Music (A Stream Of Consciousness) lyrics

Is it one of those days?
Man i finally wrote a bar
Because usually its hard for me to write without the drums
But im, still faded off the bud that Eric hooked up
(hold up hold up its all good my n***a)
Cause there's a lot of Erics that i know around the block
Like, this other Eric whose ex is s**ing his friends cock
Trust me i know alot i live in Doraville
Where n***as k** their mothers just for a dollar bill
Where winter nights just thunder then bullet showers
Leaving baby mommas
Getting wet with their hubbys k**a
And their seventeen? without a dream and no diapers
Their children being raised with a minor minus the father figure
Its hard to picture a perfect family
If every birthday mommas thirsty
Mommas three way just started off as a foreplay
That's how words play
When life is on a dessert plate
Life is sweet...
..depending on your interpretations
This generation is generating a blind nation
Its an invasion spoken in tongue and slang language
Blame it on our parents the streets and internet
The beats and lyrics just made me feel as if im limitless
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My inner consciousness is just a speaker and a lyricist
---a poet for the voiceless the voice of revolution
But we're scared to put our fists up
Is that true? we're scared of....a little change
But not self inflicted pain you go to your razor blade
Think that all of your answer is hiding beneath your skin
Instead you've uncovered sin into its purest form
Written in blood taken enough of
Whiskey and rum its making you numb you feel sedated
Heavily high on illegal d**
Conceal an image that's showing people you are a thug
Concealing slugs and other critters that flies in dark
And you ask why they chirp at night, bats striking at ballers
Striking nine one one callers they call us forgotten fathers
The reason why Brenda's baby is yelling help in the dumpster
-----this is the cities cycle where handle breaks screws are loose
And they're looser than college p**y cause everybody is hitting it
------the gift and the curse tell me how much our life is worth
----in a world where time is considered money rhyming attracted honeys
Another foolish excuse to get in your daughters panties
She told me she wanted food so i gave her the food for thought
She puts it inside her mouth shes loving the taste of knowledge
---- am i an idol or a prophet?
--or a puppet that's being controlled by profits
Im just slave they sold my soul at the auctions
A runaway but im still attached to these gold chains

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