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The Swashbuckling Doctors - Unstarred lyrics

I keep a list of names at the tip of my pretty little tongue
Before I go to sleep I close my eyes and whisper one by one

I'm not like other girls
I see a different world
hairshirt and blood and bone
you walk the long way home
the way you look at me
you shake down my belief
it's hanging from a tree
gently swinging

you call it chemistry
it's more like sorcery
It's time to cut the scene
turn house lights down to candlelight
my list will drop by one this very night
I'll sell my soul to see you now
I keep your secrets

silently gliding to your open door with the moon on my wing
the pretty one you see before you now your name I softly sing
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a glance with raised brow
nothing to hide now
you think you are free
you never will be
the latch is undone
it's time to have fun
a shooting star but
you won't save me

Hey little riding hood
whisper my name to me
so deep into the wood
a voice so soft and sweet
come on and take my hand
I bite without a bark
My what big eyes you have
So I can find you in the dark
blue sash white dress
I want to look into your eyes
For the last time

When I'm cutting me I'm cutting you

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