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The Swashbuckling Doctors - Bogside lyrics

no time to wait, a price to pay
mother's back in the a**embly
Repression out, the boy parade
This Maiden city, tripping on roots that rot the past
virtue in bed and pride intact
flour sugar a wick and white, gas
the crime will fit the punishment
We're throwing kisses from the top of the flats

whoa oh, thee red hand in the stars
whoa oh, liight up the armored cars
three green fields behind, and the dark river blocking our way
half life, half town with half your name
woah oh, Trouble graduate today

this Saturday, matinee,
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I don't know I've lost the plot I'm afraid
they keep the order, we keep the border
the board is set but do we really want to play?
to yet another stalemate
bishop and pawn we go the same way
the queen will move nothing to prove
we flip the board we get our peace today

whoa oh, but for this the wedge mislaid,
whoa oh, you can't stay the falling blade
Don't turn away, don't run from me now, take my hand,
ah they'll shoot you in the back-my-friend
whoa oh, step up to the barricade

whoa oh, take my hand, I'll take you to a place
whoa oh, where the sun shines bright and clear on the shortest day
woah oh, on the gables stand your face undimmed by time
woah oh, take my hand

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