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The Swarm - Bleeding To Death lyrics

So you bleed again for his display
Of control, and suck me in without so much as a word, and the
Sleeping dogs - they just won't lie still. A name etched
Into a dimestore freezer pulls my strings from a thousand
Miles away, and all i can do is tighten the noose. No one
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Can make you do whats good for you. No one can do what you
Can do for you. Your Eyes, the thorn in my side. I try to
Forget because my hands are tied. Your smile, salt in my
Wounds, and to know that this isn't you. Bleeding again, you're bleeding again. It's all i can do to forget your face, and try to look back on happier days. This stories old. We all know what happens. I'll fetch the iodine and
The cotton. You're bleeding again, bleeding to death. What the fuck?

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