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The Swallows - Turning Blue lyrics

You call me up
When you're done with him
But you tell me "that's just dumb"
I don't need much to get by
If I can't have the cake
I'll settle for the crumbs
But the day is gonna come
When I can't wait anymore
No, I can't wait anymore

Sister, I'm turning blue
I'm holding my breath for a dream gone dead
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I'm kickin' a jones for you
'cause the truth don't fit inside my head

You ain't no baby mother
I'm not some kind of brother
But we're supposed to work it out
I'm tryin' to stay back
I'm tryin' to stay cool
I'm tryin' not to shout
But I'm beginning to have my doubts
If I can take anymore
No, I can't take anymore

(repeat chorus)

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