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The Sophomores - Spacious lyrics


You now rockin' with the best, yes

Verse 1: VeuveRAY
Guitar strings sing the eulogy
I see all of my rhymes in the picture of a movie screen
Red, blue & green? the typical colors
It's just a n***a that's blind and a n***a that stutters
That's just tryna bubble everywhere like air molecules
Keep the residue of kush in my hair follicles
Ball like Rubio, me and my Lost Boys play Rufio
We all go crazy in the studio
Pa** the Don Julio, if I'm on tequila
Them tilapia tacos, causin' onomatopoeia
We annexed the biggest cities, no gerrymanders
n***as' mad because I move with the groove of Barry Sanders
Maybe should carry pampers, I got a lot of sh** on my hands
But still don't got no kids in my plans
Homies started in a basement, wasted after house parties
Gettin' love from East, West, and them Down South shawties

Chorus: Au JuS
When you caught in that zone, and you can't think twice
And it might feel wrong, then it might feel right
But you're not alone, cuz it's all our plight, it's all our plight
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It's all our plight
When you caught in that zone, and you can't think twice
And it might feel wrong, then it might feel right
You are not alone, it's all our plight
It's all our plight

(We can change the hook though f'sho, you already know)

Verse 2: Au JuS
Bust the cigars, keep the youth in me
I wasted my whole life writin' my f**in' eulogy
Live in concert, f** a movie screen
Red, black and green, what that mean?
Sheeiiit, a n***a bleed them colors
Dog, I live this sh** and you just seen the struggle
Man, you know we tryna bubble how that baking soda and that raw do
Creating rubble like it's all cool
Stack that paper, don't let that paper-cut scar you
We coulda been All-Pro, but we was all fools
Thinkin' that that dumb sh** was a smart move
And at times n***a? it seemed like that, until I took a step back
And realized I wasn't makin' no Hooves
Just enough to f** around for a day or two
Hit some hoes up and see what they'll do
Ball so hard until I played the fool
It ain't cool, but I ain't trippin'
It's The Slump, but sh** I ain't slippin'

Chorus: Au JuS

Who tryna smoke?

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