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The Sophomores - BYMO pt. 1 lyrics

Verse 1: VeuveRAY
I shine in the gold Panamanian
40 oz cap, 40 oz's to the cranium
Still hit the Mickey D's across from Yankee Stadium
And still love my sophisticated-ratchet lady friends
She like "what you say again?"
"Bust ya mind open"
I know you ain't a virgin, hope a couple guys poked it
I know you got a past and could call you a skee
Or I could be like "f** that, you belong to a G"
Ex-man lost you, now he mad he saw you with me
One's trash is one's treasure and that's all that it be
Now if you got love for Bey or go more for Rihanna
Or look to Michelle Obama, but then turn up when you wanna
Baby twist the marijuana, do it like a goddess
You could be more than a baby mama, if you would use your logic
And learn from your Granny how to keep it in the family
She gon tell you "s** his thing, give him food and give him panties"
Homies don't ask for much lady love, just somethin' visual
That we could never ridicule and then we could get spiritual
'Til then

Bust ya mind open
Bust ya mind open
b**h, bust ya mind
b**h b**h, bust ya mind open

Chorus : 3x
b**h, bust ya mind open
Bust ya mind open
b**h, bust ya mind
b**h b**h, bust ya mind open

Verse 2: Au JuS
Let me seperate your thighs, enter in your temple
As I look into your eyes and kiss up on your temples
Monumental how I'm tryin' to build you
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Which way you gon let me enter?
Which way is closer to your heart?
I ain't tryin' to be yo n***a, I'm just tryna play my part
From the start, you know that when we started
Wasn't a plan, but just a process
Baby you makin' progress
That Cognac got your cognitive kickin'
Still tippin' if you bringin' somethin' to the table
Now b**h, I ain't even tryna play you
We don't need no label
Don't need no title, you entitled to whatever life brings
What your mind dreams, n***a to give you sight? b**h, I might be
So inspire me, what your third eye see?
Is it a vision that we might need?
Well we don't know if that's right, until you spend the night
And I know you thinkin' that I'm meanin' that you ain't f**in' with me
'til you f** a n***a
"f** this n***a" or "let me f** this n***a"
But, really I just want you to bust your mind open

b**h, bust your mind open
Mind open
b**h, bust your mind open
b**h, bust ya mind
b**h, b**h bust ya mind open

All that I say, all that I do
Is out of love, not tryna change you
These n***as gon hate and say I'm untrue
But you already know girl, they just f**in' wit you

You already know girl, they just f**in' wit you
And if you ever need a confidence boost
Just know that that they ain't f**in' wit you
They try to get in yo head
But just know that they ain't, they mind ain't f**in' wit you
But a n***a like me, sh**, just tryna f** wit you

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