The Sainte Catherines - Acoustique #1 lyrics

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I won't buy your illusions and I won't live in it big houses greener gra** it's just lies and f**ing cra** there's no homeless here cuz they're not welcomed 15 minutes of car they're freezing in front of a bar "we are the greatest town no violence or wars" just take a look outside there's a war going on not so far stop pretending you're happy I never see you smile except in front of TV when you're watching the price is right stop pretending you make choices you just pick what they told you think you live for yourself f** you you're there for them you don't appreciate nothing around nature friends animals or love the products of the month cars cellphones fax and quality meat I wanna get the f** out of here even if it's 30o I'm freezing please take me somewhere else I'm tired of the people the houses and the smells.

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