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The Real McKenzies have been bringing out their hybrid of aggressive punk and traditional Scottish folk songs since their formation in 1992. After several lineup changes, this Vancouver-based s**tet eventually settled with Paul McKenzie (vocals), the Bone (guitar/vocals), Kurt "Dirty" Robertson (guitar), Matt MacNasty (bagpipes), Brad Attitude (drums), and Jamie Fawkes (ba**). By 1995, IFA Records released the band's first full-length, appropriately titled Scotland. After the band spent four years touring throughout North America, Joey "sh**head" Keithley's Sudden d**h Records eventually funded the release of the Real McKenzies' second album, Clash of the Tartans, in 1999. Loch'd & Loaded appeared two years later on Fat Wreck. The live album Pissed Tae th' Gills: A Drunken Live Tribute to Robbie Burns was issued in 2002, followed the next year by Oot & Aboot on Honest Don's Hardly. The band returned to Fat Wreck for 2005's 10,000 Shots. ~ Mike DaRonco, All Music Guide

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