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The Psychedelic Tribe - Lost Souls lyrics

[Verse 1: K.lin]
Yeah I get it
You and mom split
And the reasons why
Bro I don't give a sh**
But the fact that I'm pissed
Cause you don't give a sh**
Why the f** you plant a seed
If you weren't planning to commit
You a coward a** n***a
Packed yo bags and you dipped
Guess I'm the son of a quitter
And ever since then
My days gotten dimmer
Splinters in my heart
Though my wrist getting thinner

[Chorus x2: Bummy Drew]
Feels like I'm lost in my mind
Feels like I'm lost in my dreams
Feels like I'm lost all the time
Feels like I'm lost all the time

[Verse 2: Bummy Drew]
Caught up in my mind now I'm feeling like I'm lost
Would you be the worker or rather be the boss
You tell me
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Would you take a chance and then take a cost
But do what you gotta do to get by
At least I had supportive parents
Anything I asked for
They would try and get it
Through the blood sweat and tears
Happiness would come in every paycheck
Even if they had to pay rent
They would sacrifice their whole life
So they can glance at the smiles on our faces
I realized that I was craziness
You know the usual kid
I would f** up some sh** and then I would not care
I guess cause those problems man would linger through air
I guess cause my dad would come home drunk
And wake me the f** up
Like "hey how's it going my son"
The time when he spreads his own feelings
Is when
He's drunk off the liquor and mad within
That is where I get it from
You're not that perfect and I'm not a perfect son
Everybody has a little bit of problems in this life
You just gotta hope everyone is alright
You just gotta hope everyone is alright
Everyone is alright

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