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The Posies - Accidental Architecture lyrics

Miles of avenues,
Buildings of blocks,
Window reflections of mirrors
Compa** morality,
Blueprints of thought:

Who'll be the one to delight you?
The positive one to invite you?
Incite to be riotous in spite of it all is there room at your table to move?

There's architecture in the way you care
With the form of a dream but reality's ghost still there
Touched by personal Chernobyls
Just like any piece of clay
Finding more than you had planned on
Slowly shaped along the way

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Towers of gravity,
Ladders of hope,
Spires of grandeur design
Armchair psychology
End of the rope,
Rapidly learning to climb
As the new elevations remind:

Who'll be the one to release you?
The fortunate one to increase you?
Share the surprises and ring in the rises and drink to the probable you?

There's architecture in the way you breathe
With the seed of a birth but reality won't conceive
All the personal Titanics
Just like any ship at bay
Testing litmus every Christmas
Slowly shaped along the way

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