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The Pineapples - Getting High lyrics

[Verse 1]:
Close your eyes, it flies out of your mind and i
Try to catch this word while getting high again
Is it real of fake, what the time is it
Lost in space, today or yesterday
Round stones, my clones play with Mr.Jones
Make me laugh so much, drop your cell phones
Never answer calls in that condition
Cause its so dangerous! Morning and morning
Day after day
I'm singing song and
Its time to say [Chorus]:
Im getting high I fly away
Please dont touch me baby
Im getting high, I smile and say
Thats the last time baby Im getting high I fly away
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Please dont catch me baby
Im getting high [Verse 2]:
Abilitys unlimited on shell shore of liberty
Waters of St. Kimberly, sinking in it, drinking it
Give me just one minute, I gonna drink it all
Fishes on the knees, begging me to stop
Youre in the red zone, so wear your hat on
Watched all movies with Pamella with her boobies on front
Now my hand is gun and my mind is on
Sending bullets from my fingers to the rising sun Morning and morning
Day after day
I made this song up
Its time to say [Chorus]: 2x [Bridge]:
And I find myself among the clouds
Want to bundle up and sleep for months
Priceless moment I was waiting for
Life on earth is harder a lot more [Chorus]:

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