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The Phantom Band - The Wind That Cried the World lyrics

Running on a dark unfolding road
The one that stole the eye
Following the faded frames of old
Of blind faith they deny
When i drew a breath and asked her why
The statue's sigh reply
Nevermore the silent stone i want
The wind that cried the night
Turning on a light inside your mind
The face that brought your fall
Reaching in to hold the hands of old
That long that held it all
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Nevermore to hear the hollow words
The ones that saved the lord
Nevermore to hear them sing our words
The wind that cried the world
Running on a road as dark unfolds
The wind that cried, the wind that called
Nevermore the cold winds silent storm
The light that burned, the light that shone
Running on a road in darkness bring
The wind that called, the wind that sings
Nevermore the silent stone untold
The wind that cried, the wind that called

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