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The Phantom Band - Throwing Bones lyrics

You tempt my temper
Oh low and likely
Left where the dust decays
Abide and count my days
I throw some stones down in a valley fair
Neither old nor wiser
I'll reel and falter
Don't play that part
Don't sing in circle tongue
To call the lightening down
You threw my bones down on a desert's floor
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Like a rolling riser I'm gettin' up, I'm getting up, I'm gettin' up
And I'll follow slowly
My skeleton walks
It rises from the earth
And it screams your name out
To never cast another curse
Come now, come faster
With luck in tow
Her live encircling
So go around and start again
And when you fine me I may be struck down
But like a rolling riser I'm gettin' up, I'm comin' up, I'm gettin' up

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