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The Olympicks - Fresher Than Ever lyrics

[Verse 1: Gudda Gudda]
Yea, man we came from the bottom
Stunna told me get these n***as so I got em!
Man these women treat you different when you popping
Well I ain't tripping i'm just tryna get inside em
Deep Sea Diving
And i'm just happy that a n***a made it
And i'm able to put food on my kitchen table
Life is crazy, I remember I ain't have sh**
Now i'm in the foreign, mashing on the gas quick
Gotta watch my back, these n***as hating on a young n***a
Stand up n***a; i will never run n***a
God as my witness, ima be the one n***a
Shock the world, and let em watch my kingdom come n***a
10 k**ers can't amount to this one n***a
I never fold, keep my hand on my gun n***a
Momma told em k** em with my music slowly
The game over, and ima cross over like Kobe
Now get it n***a!

[Bridge 1: Birdman]
Yea, Number 1 in that field n***a
We out there shining and trappin
Just know it's real out there, so be real out there
Stacks on top of stacks
b**hes, whips, floss, gettin in puttin it in n***a

[Verse 2: Jae Millz]
Swerve on a hater like, "f** your life"
Just out of spite, if that's your girl then I'ma f** her twice
We ain't from here, if you ain't known better tuck your ice
I'll put a brick on your head, consider that your price
If its about money, you can count me in
I'll turn 50 to 100 before you can count to 10
End up missing f**in with Millz, never found again
Rappers thinks they nice
Congrats, they must have found my pen
sh** is real I take it to the heart now
I never gave a f** so why start now?
You boys goldfish, swimming with the sharks now
f** what you drive, just know you will get parked now
Millzy in this b**h, and now i'm on the top now
I used to want the streets, got those I want the charts now
What I rap I live it, What I make I flip it
Money stand tall as Roy Hibbert hater forget it
Young Money!

[Bridge 2: Birdman]
Yea, where I from n***a even k**as get k**ed
Just the life boy, the bigger the n***a the bigger the bullet
But at the end of the day its all about that money n***a
Ball baby ball, you understand me?
From 100 to 1000 n***a yea from a mill to these mills man

[Verse 3: Flow]
Okay, them birds fly high but we get them b**hes cheap
Table full of coke who say two mountains never meet
Glock 23 and a chopper with a stock lift
Bandanna tied around my head on my Pac sh**
Watch em run and yell b**h n***a tuck your tail
Click-Clack (BAH! BAH!) throw the Glock in the canal
You know young'n keep it real so you gotta respect him
All my n***as k** for me they so overprotective
And what's up with these rappers I ain't feeling these n***as
Had a talk with Birdman he told me "k** these lil b**hes"
Man they can't f** wit me
I hope they second guess
n***a you ain't raw
Like dope that's re compressed
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I'll kick in your f**in door everybody in your house die
You better stay in line
Or chalk you out, now you outlined
Try to show his a**, f**ed around and got a**ed out
Rich Gang b**h but I do this for the have-nots

[Verse 4: Mack Maine]
Uh, man f** these n***as
When I strike i'm sparing everything but these n***as
Got a fresh pair of jays
All gold shades
Rapping like the boss, lookin and i'm tryna get a raise
But b**h i'm the boss so a n***a gettin paid
Customized life, I got it made
Boy you know my chicks is like speakers, 12's and 15's
With mad rump in the trunk if you know what I mean (Ha)
f** twitter n***a in real life nobody follows ya
Ya momma should've swallowed ya
Ya daddy ain't proud of ya
Them n***as that you with ain't got ya back ya crew frontin
Bunch of pump fakers acting like they gon' shoot somethin
The coupe that I copped the other day was 2 somethin
If I mash on the gas that b**h go bout 2 somethin
Young Mack my driver but i'm Captain Phillips n***as
I'm in the water like a pirate
You ga**ed i'm a hybrid
Uh, i get cougars in my granddaddy shirt
And get my weed off my family tree that's granddaddy purp
You get found under the earth or in the trunk by the bazooka
I'm on the side of the road just like a state trooper
I run up in your castle, steal your princess King Koopa
Better have some weed in that b**h if you pa** me that hookah
I need the cover of the Forbes before i leave my corpse
Streets say that i'm abusive, I always whip the Porsche
You ain't in the streets you just jumped off the porch
You's a sidewalk n***a
For that side talk n***a
I'll barbecue your ribs when the fire spark n***a
And tonight i'm in the six i left the five parked n***a
I smoke that Tokyo until a n***a look Asian
b**h I ball hard
Sugar-Slim my sports agent
Young Paul George
I'm Indiana Pacing
Surging with that yappa i'll give ya a** a facelift
We the ones to fear though
Strong like the Chapperos
Allergic to normal, certified weirdos
n***as online be like " FUCK YOU! " I be like ditto
I'm coolin puffing good with lil izo at the cribbo
Hungry Hungry Hippo
Don't cha' be greedy
I get rich with my rich gang and give to the needy
With Mack in the building pimps retire or get fired
It's Young Money the Rise of a f**ing Empire
I'm Gone

[Outro Birdman]
Yea, you understand me?
Lil Young Money k**ers
Cash Money gangstas
Slice a n***a up and put em in the freezer
Big money over here boy, you understand me?
From the turf puttin in work
Ocean City view n***a
It's real out'chea boy
I see you my n***a, Uptown we in this b**h
Yea, holla at me boy
Fresher Than Ever n***a x3

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