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The Okee Dokee Brothers - Haul Away Joe lyrics

Goodbye and don't ya cry
I'm goin' to Loui'siana
Way haul away well haul away Joe
To buy a dog and a muddy old hog
And marry Suzy-Anna
Way haul away well haul away Joe

Way haul away we're bound for better weather
Way haul away we'll haul away Joe

Haul away Joe me boys
Meetin' on up with the old St. Croix
Haul away Joe me boys
Floatin' on down to Illinois
Keep on rowin' me boys
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It's a raftman's life for me

My mother told me long ago
She wished I'd be a lawyer
Much to her chagrin,
I don't have an employer

Toy cars and candy bars
Is just a waste of money
Cornbread is all ya need
With butterbeans and honey

Sing a Song and get along
Way down to Sarasota
Then hop a barge up threw the arch
And back to Minnesota

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