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The North Trolls - See You Everyday lyrics

I tell everyone I meet, better look out for my wife.
She wears a pearl necklace and she likes to pick a fight.
I see her every day.
And yesterday, she held that a**hole's hand.

She'll kiss me and she'll cry, if I don't cry too I'll die.
She'll say babe it's me or nobody.
Girl, just let me die! My god!
I see you every day.
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Just yesterday I took her to the zoo!
Hell naw!

You can't do this baby please, she's got eyes inside the trees.
If she hears this she'll come knocking and stab you with a knife!
I see her everyday.

I tell everyone I meet that I'm looking for my wife.
Now that I found her, I'm gonna take my life.
Just yesterday, I took her to the zoo.

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