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The Nonce - Keep It On lyrics

Artist: The Nonce
Album: World Ultimate
Song: Keep It On


This here be a track
Straight out of the blue
Untapped source of a funkdafied force
This course from the source and of course
Muse bound bop heavy meditator and something to see
Grab a pound getting down cause my end is so free
Ninety-four is the year that I tell you to bloom
But platinum sells shit and gold is the hit
But then I gotta watch my step cause I could get a rep
Always always filling through the void
Of the now that's bringing you a found set
Grand jam yet- this will be a let
And with a muscle you can dig a stone produce cut
You can try with the highs but it never will meet
One break don't take so where's the beat
Good stance while it lasted and your crew is elite
Arm fold I was told cause it's all a repeat


Gee I feel grand on the suede fly fiz
Get you hooked while you play my demo tape
Down and down is where the bro's kick the rhyme wanna be
Star struck but the park had no luck
What the heck- we tried [?peace-a-ful respect?]
I couldn't hack it so I tagged that to the rhyme vine
Now I'm doing jams with the microphone stand
And it's on and on and like the Nonce y'all

Keep it on y'all (repeat)

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Coming with the stare plugging up the leaky wear (can you hear?)
Dumping tracks for the kids who truck for better funk
Man the wait was kind of brutal, but still it's the vibe
Ever cheering for the hip hop cause it won't stop
I get down y'all (y'all) keep it ghetto y'all (y'all)
Streets catch your air I suggest that Mr. Tophat
Take a gander pal while I mission to step
Yo I be on the set flowing live and direct
Listen to the village swoll' heads make a sinner
Know from where you came down deep throughout your inner
With blessed and funky shlept praying that I blow up
Make a deal with the devil, I'd rather trust my eye
Drop the wax and packs play the ball where it lies
Dropped my tag where I stood
Anywhere that I could
Rooted deep in the hood
And I tell you it's good


Yes yes it's stamped and it must get through
The McHaps and Weavil ones we got the tapes and crates that's full
With the good cuts and beats and loops and spoons of the music brand
[?Go psysed my shift?] and I'm with that
Baby brother here's an album I submitted in
Said sing my compilation till it's sold and sold out
And let the wax get cut
And sampled it dope breaks it come
Some be very left while used by Nouka and Sef
I quote my man I'm swirling G
I'm getting feed from this beef y'all rolling on tracks
Full back to back with the vibe to vibe
Kick it live my mellow my man it's on
Bass and tone I put my verbal in a cup
Peace and I'm out Nouka meter's up

Keep it on y'all (repeat)

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