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The McGuire Sisters - Delilah Jones lyrics

Delilah was a high flying flootie
Delilah needed seventeen phones
Don't phone her, there isn't anymore
Delilah, Delilah Jones
Her story is sad
The ending was bad

Delilah Jones, Delilah Jones
She let a no-good guy beguile her
Delilah, weep for Delilah
The devil got a lease on her bones

Just a trumpet-playing bum from Biloxi
Delilah nicely gives him the cross
But Sammy, he blew some crazy notes
And whammy, Delilahs lost

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That fiery dog turned into a moll
That he double-crossed
Delilah, Delilah
She let a no-good guy beguile her
Delilah was completely lost

That Sammy hopped a car and a chauffer
He robbed her of her sparkling stones
Then he left her when all the dough was gone
He dropped her, Delilah Jones

Delilah Jones, Delilah Jones
She filled him with lead until he was dead
And out of her bones
Delilah, Delilah
The gal was number two
She finally got her due
Delilah, Delilah

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