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The Maven Boys - Psychopath k**er REMIX lyrics

Psychopath Ima k**er
Psychopath (k**er k**er k**er)
A Psychopath Ima k**er

[Hook 1]
Psychopath Ima k**er (Psychopath Ima k**er)
Psychopath Ima k**er
Psychopath Ima k**er
Psychopath Ima, Psychopath Ima, Psychopath Ima k**er
(Psychopath Ima k**er
Psychopath Ima k**er
And lyrically no one can get iller
Psychopath Ima k**er)

[Verse: KDoubleU]
Was always the guy to use my words as a weapon
Step up fronting and you'll get burned in a second
It seems these nerds are deserving a lesson
Shoutout to all those who heard this and blessed it
Thanking ya'll ahead of time, psychopathic k**er
With these words all these turds will wither
What I deliver got you bitter contemplating a quitter
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Mentally i'm on that real sh** not a kidder
Got my enemies cornered, blocked off, trapped bro
Goin no where, f**in' lost in a blackhole
Never ever am I stepping with the wack flow
Hatin n***as can f** off and go out the back door
Yeah, i'm crazy bro
Plan to be ripping it 'til i'm eighty yo
No baby flows, all this sh** is crazy
Never lazy my drive aids me no
Way will I quit my bars are nice wit
Great flair, so take cover when K's near
Everybody already knows I bring the flames yeah
Everybody already knows that i'm just plain weird
Yeah, A psychopath
Crazy as sh** coming to bite your a**
Try to slice me and I might just laugh
Like I f**in' overdosed on nitrous gas, yea

[Hook 2]
(I'm a psychopath, I'm a k**er)
Oh, You ain't ever seen a motherf**er get realer
(Psychopath, I'm a k**er)
Pull an automatic on anybody sporadic I choose
(Psychopath, I'm a k**er)
Cause ain't nobody iller, no one, nobody for realer
(A psychopath, I'm a k**er)

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