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The Maven Boys - Good Luck ANTHM lyrics

(Verse 1)
At the top with the n***as that I came up with
Everything brand new, but new n***as I don't f** with
Got a new bad b**h, and she's just so nice
Ass fake I don't care, cause the p**y feels just as tight
But its hard to tell in that Balmain
She don't know sh** about sports, but she's court side at every ball game
All gold on its nothing
She's acting bougie she's fronting
Thinking I ain't gone touch it (Whoo)
Popped a molly she's f**ing! (Whoo!)
We in the building, Man f** everything else
Got me a Cartier bracelet, b**h Im in love with myself
Alright we came in this b**h, Just to get faded, and sh**
Oh don't you n***as wish that you were still a part of the clique? (Huh?)
You jumping ship but we here n***a
I hope you drown in your tears n***a
I hope that y'all n***as stay broke
I hope that your b**h leaves
Success is revenge, but ain't sh** sweet

I ain't stressing about these n***as
Im flexing on these n***as, turn it up
And I don't need no company
Just the ones who came up with me
So If you don't wanna f** with me
Then good luck
Good luck, good luck
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Good luck, good luck
Good luck, good luck
Good luck, I don't need no company
No I don't need no company
No I don't need no company
Cause everybody that f**s with me has good luck!

(Verse 2)
Lost a couple friends and made a couple racks
Made some enemies while I was making that
I done fell in lust when I fell out of love
With a woman I would visit at the strip club
We them n***as in the town right now
Recognize who you around right now
Young n***as, bunch of money
Your girl with her friends, you should probably be around right now
You can't get a dime if you ain't us
I don't need your company I hope you n***as go bankrupt
Fake n***as all play pretend, Well never be straight again
Just us, no fake friends
Ain't walk with me, you can't sit in my Benz
Do she like my drive or is it with I ride?
Seen my Rolie, now she wanna spend some time
Who y'all? Who y'all?, Im riding around like who y'all?
They said I got brand new and came around like I ain't knew y'all
Tell them table, to come sweep up
When the money clears you'll see us
Bad b**hes, Good Luck


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