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The Mastering Lab - Trudy and Dave lyrics

"Whatever you don't follow that shot", she rang those words out with all she got
With the baby and the laundry in the Chevrolet, well they thought about followin' anyway
But he drove 'em to the strip mall laundromat
In his three day beard and his Red Man hat
An' Trudy washed their bell bottom jeans, while that baby just sat there lookin' mean

Trudy and Dave
They're out of their minds
Trudy and Dave
They're out of their minds

Well David lit a match to a Lucky Strike
And the smoke curled up 'round his head how he liked
Made him feel a little mysterious
Until Trudy said "David honey, what about us?"
So he thought about them and those shots ringin' out
And other things he shouldn't be thinkin' about
Like how it wasn't them at all, just life that was mean
And how a twenty dollar pistol made him feel so clean


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Didn't mean to do it baby, but I did it for love
Same shot his Daddy heard before him
A shot that can really blow you away
And when it is fired his mama told him
"David, you'll follow it to your grave"

Well Trudy and Dave, those crazy kids
Had a baby of their own and you heard what they did
In the middle of a strip mall shots rang out
Shots heard all over the world no doubt
'Cause it was there in the paper the very next day
'Bout a couple and a baby and a Chevrolet
Who shot up an automatic teller machine
Took the money for the laundry and drove away clean
Yeah, they drove away clean
I said they drove away clean


Man, they're crazy

But they did it for love

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