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I was gonna get up off'n that bar stool Just as soon as I could figure it out Why I was overlooked at the car pool A'stood up at the dance with no twist and shout You're burnin' with your last desire And every memory haunts you You write it down in alcohol fire 'Cause that's the only flame that wants you When you're paper thin G'on read all about it When you were outta' luck, well, luck was doin' alright When you're paper thin Yeah, they can see right through ya' You just cut you're little finger on the edge of the night Now do I really have to be responsible For what I did between those tavern walls? I was just mixin' up some chemicals You coulda' heard a pin drop, ya' coulda' heard time crawl And every once in a while You could hear your own heart pound Maybe some paper doll with a pasted on smile Would let you write her number down (Chorus x2) (You're paper thin) (Paper thin) (x7)

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