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The Martianz - Need More lyrics

It wouldn't be right, if it wasn't poetic, ain't it?
So hear me out
You know, your delicate beauty is a gift to the world
A sweet precious flower, with petals unfurled
Your body is art, and I will breathe deep the perfume
Of your sweet Smelling heart
f** with me doe

Baby what you talking to me for?
Girl I'm only asking to be sure
We ain't even seen each other before
But baby I can tell that you need more
So tell me, what you talking to me for?
Ehh, do you want me to be yours?
You a lil drunk, Oh you done this before?
So baby I can tell that you need more
So go head, Tell em you need more
Eh, baby tell em you need more
And I ain't even gone lie, but I can tell that you need more
Ehh, so what you talking to me for?
Don't you got a man, does he know?
Cause I'm just asking to be sure
Eh, cause baby I need more

[Verse 1]
So how you want it? We could make this sh** easy
You been drinking? I can see you lil freaky
Call me shallow, but I dug you out the deep end
Got my heart up on my sleeve, she left me sleeveless
Now we never talk like we used to, doe
But really I can't blame you, I got used too doe
Young n***as, never been used to dough
Finger f**ed you, and you love it when I use two doe
Pardon me, oh me Pardon me
Uhh, only you get a part of me
Infatuated how these feelings came up so suddenly
So currently, I concur your side's where I wanna be
But you can't blame me, sh** I keep it cool don't I?
Your typa dude, won't I?
You acting picky? Then miss me with it
I can tell you ain't smile in a while, and you really miss it
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Uhh, but promises were never given
I seen you jerkin while I'm, working your a**ets
Talkin, permanent damage, I mean
Minus the fraction, but uhhhh
You on top of me be sounding like a banging combination
So mind my impatience, lemme make some conversation
sh**, so what's your name? Who you is? What you bout mamii?
Is you coming back with me? Or is you out mamii?
See I ain't trippin, baby know that I ain't bluffin
But I just need to know somethin


[Verse 2]
Yeah, I can't help but think of you baby
Eh, and we been talking so frequently lately
Been rooting for us to bloom but I'd rather wait
So I'mma call you my flower, cause you my boo, kay? (bouquet)
Subtweeting, you prolly practise pa**ive aggression
What's my intentions? sh** Baby girl that's out of the question
sh**, but they pure if you was not sure and
Just know I'm down with you, if you up for it
So no s**? Like no s**? I protest
I know that, you talk that, you walk that, you own that sh**
But what's that like to a n***a like me?
When you lose all your inhibitions, I'll be right there to see
I'll keep the key to your heart, I kept it G from the start
PS you know where this sh** been going, if not? Then I'm lost
sh**, and sorry I tend to get lost in my thoughts
Girl I'm so scared of having nothing, I done gave you my all
Girl we been vibing and uhh
I can't be lying but uhhh
I really feel you, you feel me?
We getting deep, and I dig it
sh**, the day I find someone, I'll prolly run somebody off
That "someone" you? I hope this change wouldn't come at a loss
Our chemistry speaking volumes, I'm in tune with you baby
You in that mood? Oh all the sh** I would do to you baby
Is this too much? Just stop me, you gotta be sure
So just to let the time pa**, imma need more



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