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The Martianz - Issues lyrics

[Chorus - Superlative Sain] I got some issues on my mind but I'm steady on the grind
I know that it's our time, but we ain't tryna get signed so we Pray
Cuz this industry is evil, All these Satanic people
Transparent they see through
We Pray
We pray
We Praaay
Lord knows, Lord knows, We got some Issues, babe
Lord knows, Lord knows, We got some Issues, babe

[1st verse - Superlative Sain] ey yo my bro graduate
But I'm sitting here waiting on my time
Time to grind no more being complacent
No more f**ing debating
Getting older I'm aching
While these industry n***as want you to trust them they faking
Naw i got some inner demons that i gotta sort out
Wanna make it to them shows where they all sold out
Yea but it seems dreams are far away fighting with my n***as just so we can see a brighter day
Climbing over obstacles
Stopping us that's not optional
Crunch time no abdominal
Traveling through them provinces lord
My n***as gotta make it up
I talk it from my heart so I'm never making it up
From the ratchet to the real sh** talking it from my gut
And they keep asking me to k** sh** so I'm f**ing sh** up lord
And I keep f**ing sh** up from my school to my job like I'm never giving a f**
Just to have my momma proud of me
Man that's all I really want
I know pops man he steady looking down on me
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Hope he don't see me out here smoking on these blunts cause I
Need it to get my mind right these issues in my brain got me fighting a hard fight
Every night feeling like its a long night i roll one spark it up light it up and I take flight


[2nd verse - Y.S.A] I ca give a f*ck bout what u going thru
Right now just lemme alone (lemme alone)
I don't mean no disrespect, I ain't coming at cha neck, but at this moment, I'm tryna figure out life on my own! (Can u feel meh?)
Can u feel what I'm speaking or I'm being dramatic
Living thru struggle, an artist well UNDER established
But I got that rap sh*t ta help a ni**a live it lavish
Just show some love dnt b shocked, I ain't bringing no static
But if U want it, I'll let u have it
Fans saying I need a major deal ta lift me up
And how they can't wait for an A&R ta come pick me up
But what they dnt understand, if they ain't making a 100x the advance
The labels dnt really give a f*ck
I'm over stressing, I finally learned a lesson
This sh*t is a small reality but all about perception
From my perspective, is it worth it to be a icon
When the top 5 rappers a bunch of Dylan Dylan Dylan....
Brainwashed off weed, liquor and music notes right
Not knowing all of this is just going against the most high
Praying fa sh*t that only Satan can apply
But if I pa** away, I hope my soul vacation in the sky
Sh*t thas in the back of my mind
Main thing rubbing my shoulders saying relax you'll be fine
Praying for forgiveness, everyday subtracting my time
Cuz I dnt mean to be contradicting sipping Dracula's wine
Smoking this Maximus pine


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