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The Martianz - God For Bid lyrics

And they said he shall return
With Margielas on his feet
His hoes on fleek
And his enemies shall burn
The God MC

My b**hes call me a problem
My n***as told me I'm next
My n***as come from the bottom
Straight from the ‘jects to the jets
I do not run ‘less I run up a check
I like my p**y and diamonds wet
You n***as know not to f** with the set
Keep talking foul, gon' get hit with the Tek, yeah
All of my n***as is popping
All of my n***as is popping
Got a lil' b**h from the tropics
I might just take the b**h shopping
I feel like a trending topic
All of them n***as is copies
I'm taking off like a rocket
And ain't no way you can stop it

[Verse 1]
Guess who's back on the block? And I'm still grabbing on my cock
Crack in my sock, I just put some money in the mail-
Got a young n***a feeling like Pac
Rappers need to stop
You ain't never had no scale, you ain't never sold no rocks
Fronting a** n***as never seen a night in jail-
Not until Suge got locked
They say money talks, I got ears like Spock
Was the black sheep now I'm in a black lamb'
Kick it like Mia, n***a I be going ham
Got the big head n***a – NBA Jam
Damn, all these n***as rap about is chains and bimbos
Lowering the bar, got the game in limbo
Ima go hard ‘til they free all my kinfolk
f** the police like Harriet Winslow
Don't panic –
I've been gone a minute, had to work on my semantics
Took this sh** for granted now it's time to take advantage
Me against the world n***a f** a Captain Planet
All this damn money got ‘em thinking I'm satanic
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Pockets got more thous and knots than the Ten Commandments
Trying to f** Topanga, man a n***a been savage
But I'm nice, not mean, that's another word for average (that's simple mathematics)
b**h my chain and my flow cold, f** you lames yapping ‘bout?
Got the game in a chokehold, Triple H tapping out
Thugga got it cheaper in the middle of a drought
Got to be the speaker if you n***as in the house
All laid back with my kicks on the couch
No sour patch but the kids in her mouth (Wow! X2)


[Verse 2]
Never had a boss like Dame
Keep a bag on me like Missy in the rain
Jigga pack on me and a pistol in my Hanes
I'm the new O-Dog, yeah the n***a with the ‘Caine
Rounding up the troops if you're playing with my name
Cock on your roof, yeah they say a n***a vain
n***as must be on them mushrooms like Sonic –
I meant Mario, you know I don't play no games (Dang!)
A broke n***a can't talk to me
I wake up in the trap like a saw movie
Yeah, a n***a really had dope
A vending machine's the only time you pushed coke
I'm laughing to the bank, it's an inside joke
Better ask Shawn Jay n***a you don't want smoke
Smoke the best bud, I'll smoke your best bud
You n***as feeling froggy, you gon' f** around and croak
Nope, n***as ain't k**ers
Y'all buss in the air like Miss Frizzle
Head on a swivel wherever you provoke me
We can take this sh** outside like Smokey
Got a freak b**h waiting for me in the lobby
Ima get that head off the bat like Ozzy
Pa** her to the posse then a n***a back to this cash quest
b**h I got now, you can have next
Really I just came here to address –
Any n***a thinking he can rap best
You don't really want it with the man –
Got a problem on your hands like you cheating on a math test
Dag! All I do is brag
Chains froze like Tity Boi playing tag
Boy I double dare ya, big nose with the flag
Call it fertilizer, got this sh** in a bag


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