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The Martianz - Bangin' lyrics


Now Wa**' Da Dealyo
It's yo' boy Green Hypnotic man
Representin C.O.A.S.T. Life
Y'already know what time it is
The Link

[Hook 1] (2x)

A lot of n***as
Cook crack
Or swipe
But I just rap
n***as on the 'gram flashing cash
While I murk tracks
I'm the type of dude who's making moves
And don't fall back
I'm still here, still making moves
Still in the buildin, spend checks
I'm never gon' lose
You're drinkin you're booze
Still vexed, cuz you ain't that dude
Wha? (Heh!)
I'm still the flyest in my city
Playa haters can't stop me
O.G's riding with me


Guess who's b'zack?
The king of that audio crack
Heard y'all sick and tired of hearing that trash
Coming out the city, half of these rappers are kissing a**
Don't believe the hype, if they on blogs, they paid cash
Under the table
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They ain't self-made, they all paid by big labels
Industry plants, tryna block us like Mutombo
f** the middle man, I swear I'm feelin like Nipsey Hussle
Y'all n***as are nerds like Steve Urkle
I'm on some other sh**, nevermind the bullsh**
Did the impossible, Laval is on the map trick
Youngn's from the city say, I'm next up from the C.O.A.S.T. clique
I ain't really trippin, I've been waiting for my time b**h
Ex-girls wishing I would come back in their life and sh**
No love lost but they can all s** a n***a dick
I'm from the city where rappers don't blow up
Watch me, crack this game like a *hacker who's coming up
On some anonymous steelo, tell Rami.B that i'm forever lowkey yo
Studied the game, like a monk; Bruce Le' glow
Y'all gon need more than beef to stop me though/MI-DO
-RI yo
f** around with me
I swear i'll cut you in pieces like griot
Since Zézé died, I think I turned into a monster
I'm feeling like Dexter
I'm k**in' rappers
Clean it up, leave the scene
Picture me crying of laughter

[Hook 1] (2x)

[Hook 2]

Uh-uh, Uh-uh
You already know how I do it
Uh-uh, Uh-uh
One tape a year is how I do it
Uh-uh, Uh-uh
Swag game always on a trillion
Motherf** these n***as hatin'
k**ing the game with a pa**ion


C.O.A.S.T. Life 'til the motherf**in' next life
Uh-uh, Emotions
Julian holla at me man!

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