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The Mad Conductor - All Things Considered lyrics

hey yo many fish bite if ya got the good bait
so heres a little tip that i would like to relate
you keep a sharp a** hook in your tackle box
and never rock your low tops when you got your ankle socks
cuz theyll get your achilles
and try to crack your back like the catcher of the 93 phillies
you wanna cop a feel and you a mackerole
prepare to join the crabby caserole
my man you keep your cool like johnny mackenroe
and show your lack of sk** when you protest umpires
spill your gla** of milk and lose your otis spunkmeyers
like i lost my marbles down the funnel
my syndromes that of carpal in the tunnel
so pardon if i mumble when i'm speakin sign language
to parka rockin eskimos coolin up in anchorage
i'm the type of emcee who bows when he ends a rap
i keep it cool like teddy pendergra**
so anyone you ask'll tell ya the facts you need to know
and how your picture frames like the axle of the globe
if your playin pinball with the wizard
i'm known to spin off like jefferson starship
and grace slick em
zapped by the fabric with the static
you gotta keep your raps under the table so no tablecloth can tax it
watch out for these fallin moon rocks
and hillbilly emcees crawlin out the boondocks
keep it irie when your spinnin natty dread
cuz managers are slimy like the cincinnati reds
they'll impress you with the briefcase
trick ya into signin up for sweepstakes and straight up
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stick you for your cheesesteaks for petes sake
please take heed when crossing busy streets
if ya only got 13 rhymes per 50 beats
my man youll be all the way eaten
your careers shorter than the holiday season
thats not including halloween
so call me on march 17th and maybe then we'll call it even

a shack produced a song, a song produced a mansion
commercial rap i hate it with a pa**ion

the globe is not golden in fact its barely bronze
ask the bag i'm holdin for my man barry bonds
augmented MCs encourage me to keep it au natural and never undergo surgery
my thoughts move like the freeway fast as hell
i'm laced up like a bk diamond cell
it aint no challenge, respect the distance
my nail gun will put your hammer outta business
you can't confuse yoplait and play dough
i show no resemblance to jose canseco
i got to protect my earth man
the foot clan seek to kick the coping off my vert ramp
stick em with the 7 ply splinter
shred their emcees and i'll eat em for dinner
for lunch i got the boardwalk fries
your posses like the middle east - unorganized
i sampled you pastry and i must say your bakerys unadvanced like haitis space agency
make a note to tell your mouth keep quiet
stay away from bread like a south beach diet
obesitys a sickness but i still know the skinny
iller music heals ask MC Kinney

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