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The Lowest Of The Low - (These Are) The Lives and Times lyrics

Copper - jade
Overworked and underpaid
Blessed-born, drenched and worn
Shades of doubt
Wrong side up or inside out
With double plays and rain delays
A million ways to fill the day
These are the lives and times

Stubbled chin
Red star setting, blue-eyed grin
Communiques of Raoul's new days
And with her pen
Maggie's cleaning house again
Of punch clock plans
And one-night stands
And scars that kiss her poet's hands
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These are the lives and times

Another generation swalloed up by time
Old aspirations trampled and maligned
Can we re-connect them
Shade and protect them
Rise up and resurrect them

The lights above Delancey street
Flash and fade
I love you babe
Midnight blooms
Or dreary tombstone afternoons
No, I don't mind if they collide
While you and I dream of the Lower-East side
These are the lives and times.

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