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The Lost Trailers - Love And War (In A Small Town) lyrics

The sun is up and I'm on the rise
Head to work but I'm feeling fine
Seems like everybody I know has come around
We're just a small town

When al and john and I were kids
I did what a younger brother did
I would watch them chase rattlers from the ground
And I prayed they'd never leave this town
But al and john went to Iraq
When al came home he held my mothers hand
As the church bells rang the whole town broke down
War in a small town

When my work is done and the moon comes up
I'm gonna call the preachers daughter and start my truck
Everybody but the preacher knows where were bound
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But ain't no one talkin since my brother went down
We're gonna cross the strip to the liquor store
We're gonna pa** the party on the river's shore
Tonight she says she wants higher ground
Way above the lights of our home town
And one day she'll be my wife
And the preacher will swear that we've done it right
But if he could hear tonight these sounds
Love in a small town

Well I don't guess that I'll ever see
Paris, rome, or nyc
The strip and the river thats were I'm found
We're just a small town

We're just a small town

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