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The Lords Of The New Church - Livin' On Livin' lyrics

The city eats it's children of dust from the cradle to grave.
Drag their captives through the deep-sleeps of life. Ghosts of
dream-dwelling slaves. The stranger scares the creatures of
night. Corpse of sluggards fall. First you called it experiment
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and then the terror called. The subterranean escapes the light
to an empty space. I'll do my time prowling in the streets
behind a human face.
And I'm Livin' On Livin', yeah. Livin' On Livin', gotta roam.
Yeah I'm Livin' On Livin', yeah. Nowhere to go - leave me alone.
You better leave me alone. Hey, owhl, owhl, brrrrrrrrawhl.

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