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The Lonely Wild - Banks and Ballrooms lyrics

So you can't believe the night when
She says you're on fire
In an empty street
Even the moon says she's a star
When she's staring white
With the sunlight
And you and I are of the same dust
And we both watch
The great parade
But you grew up and learned the tune
Of the marching band
You fell in line
Then you built each other churches
So you could draw
Some line of truth
In the banks and in the ballrooms
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What you say ain't what you do
And it's the strangest thing—
The few, the small
The judge and jury
The richest men carry the country
Straight to it's grave
Now we've been wronged
And we've been had
Another day, here
In the promised land
You've done no wrong
You should be mad
This ain't the good life
That you worked to have
This ain't the good life
And I will take anything
That the morning brings

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