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The Lonely Forest - Golden Apples of the Sun, Part 2 lyrics

Today you spoke in to my life and wrote
A new chapter to be read
A new pathway up ahead
That promises some pain
But I know this hurt will lead
Me to find the faith I need
Please take this child and mold a heart of gold.

I'm learning, swallowing pride
Stand with me can we share the weight?
Oh God I need it.
You're changing my heart and mind
I'm willing, be here all of the time and never leave again.

Oh, and so, I write these words to show
A part of me I'll never know
That I'll always pray for you
And the great things that you'll do.
When will we meet my child?
We'll sit and talk a while and I'll tell you how you came
And changed my world.

I'm learning swallowing pride
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Stand with me can we share the weight?
Oh God I need it.

Please give me wisdom and strength
To forget about what they might think
And say about me now, they think they know me now
In all honesty:
I'm lost and I'm worried.

Oh how I wish that I could hold you!
Be your best friend and sing to you!
Oh, I'm lost and I'm worried!
But I'll trust and hope he has your hand.

In the waking hour when feel the cold air
Let me find the true rest I reach for
And if I ever someday, get a glimpse of his face
Remove the fear and the walls from my heart
And live love

When will the world start moving forward?
Let's lose the hate and drown the sorrow!
Give love.
Just live love

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