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The Lonely Forest - Blackheart vs. Captain America lyrics

Light of day it warms my wounds,
I will not die here.
Light of day it warms my wounds,
I will not.

I'd love to slip away until
All they ever see are photographs.
Remove all memories and down the pill,
Let the current take me away to Zion.

My heart is pounding towards my rhythmic fate.
My eyes are blurring.
Hail my brilliant escape
Into permanent nothing!
Now, I run for the door...
d**h has never tasted this sweet, before.

And Don't be afraid to live.
Living with fear is simply turning from chances to give.
See! It's all around you.
In every face, there is a story.
But instead you stay where everybody looks the same.
And you thank God for that?

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I long for the day,
When I can proudly say I never judge a face.
Oh, then I'd feast with any two or three from any place.
And I'd thank God for that!
Light of day it...

To my right, a man on his knees,
I could give him a reason I could help him face the world..
Then to my left a woman in need...
It could never hurt to ask,
Even with nothing to give
You'll encourage her heart.

(Ohhh, Oh, Oh, Oh-oh-oh, Oh-oh-oh)

And oh please God spring up in me,
The means to see the importance of..
Another's world.
Never right or wrong,
Just breathing guarantees a right to voice their heart.
I want to live!
I want to live!
I want to live!
Then I turn to face the world

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