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The Lodger - Running Back Home to You lyrics

You're the one who said that you couldn't
remember me
You're the one who said that nothing would
become of me
If I see your face I will put it in its place
If someone gives me a chance or just the
slightest opportunity

Fell in love with the smartest girl on the
Dropped my work and dropped my friends
and dropped down at her feet
It was merely lust at the back of the bus
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Nothing more, nothing less, but at the time
it meant the world to me

You're never alone 'cause I'm running back
home to you

You said that no one ever made you laugh
just like I did
If that is true I'm on the next flight to you,
god forbid
That it could work after we'd drawn a line
Nothing more, nothing less, it is a moment
stuck in both our lives

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