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The Locust - Who's Handling The Population Paste? lyrics

Don't you want to know the truth about dishonorable discharge?
For that special one-gun salute to the fellow N.R.A. holes

Yada yada yada yada
Plaster every sore

A question for you my self proclaimed profit, are you angry?
Now you can go from c**aine onto Rogaine in 2.5 seconds
So become your very own post-civilized, flawless, best friend
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Microprocessor upon microprocessor upon microprocessor upon microprocessor

Dear fools and barbarians why don't you ask yourself if you can still recall the Alamo
In this botched blitzkrieg of drive-through culture and sweaty cadaver driven vessels

So call it a lifestyle, but it's really a filthy f**ing traffic jam in
And you won't say sh** even if your mouth is full of it

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