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The Locust - AOTKPTA lyrics

Ideological leper, newly planted tower:
Grows from the ground and spills its guts out on the sidewalk
Pseudo politico, flat talk o'clock:
Rolls past the site of a flesh insurrection
Sidestepping creep, hostile slumlord:
Grabs his cash and hits the road
His face is scarred and scabbed like the map of some
Desolate wasteland, a speck of neglect
Bombed out and leveled, to be cleansed again

We'll bury this city in trash

Damage deceiver
Builds up his believers
and takes charge
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Stains half of the sewer
with chaos and clover
and charred tongues

Is this the dumpster of your dreams?
And who will be your next trash crusader?

Ancestor incest
The organs are rotting
on weak slabs

The corpses of buildings
With old stones

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