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The Joggers - Little Kings lyrics

Peace is a bore

So little kings start little wars

That call is a chore

That burn outside to bars and black

Shoes and our swords

That pulls our color so we

Sound the drums

You lick the granite into

Awkward shakes alone

Carrying everything over your shoulder!

This one lasting subtle pig

Showing off some boring trick

This war latched the keys in their locks

Hit it in

Plain sight

Think you're the one that hates the rack

You prize the medal on your back
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You thought you'd get too old

Tender voices wandered off the past

Rolling holy shrouds into their thrones

It makes perfect sense to me

To find suggestions come apart at the seams

It's another way

It's going favor

When the bricks are burning

Show black turns that are

Runner get

For you

And the favor

Of the jungle

Only drops us down to

Heaven when it

Looks like you might get your way

One time

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