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The ILLZ - In Between Us lyrics

[Verse 1]
Look, I can see you still stressing
Stare at your reflection, ask the same question
How you let it all go in the wrong direction
Should have never left him, not what I expected
What goes through your mind when you feel aggression
When we in the same room feel the same tension
The turnaround on the time invested: Lessons
Now you resort to be acting all pretenious
When I felt affected had to move on
Knowing that we couldn't be together too long
And honestely it isn't a question of who's wrong
You hear the same music create a new song
It's that simple, though at times I do miss you
I just realize I was doing worse with you
You scream back at me, when did this all hit you
How can you throw away what we been through

Cause something in my head just told me to move on
We been dragging little things around for too long
Cause baby I'm done with you
See baby I'm done with you
And you know I gave it my best try
But I gotta say good bye
Cause baby I'm done with you
See baby I'm done with you

[Verse 2]
Done with the issues, though she's a great girl
We can only last so long in this fake world
That we created, though I hate to say it
Though you was the greatest, when we seperated
I got a new perspective, know you felt neglected
Chilling late night had you feelin disrespected
Saying every night this is not what you expected
Had to step back, damn and for a quick second
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I got to see things for what they really were
Something in my mind saying 'Man you k**ing her'
Knowing she's a great girl really she deserves
A really good guy who wasn't getting on her nerves
And never was too busy, always giving her time
Making her feel good, never stressing her mind
Never confusing her, sending out different signs
Knowing that sh** is bad but telling that that it's fine
And being mad selfish, making her unsure
Being this way is making her insecure
Saying you'll make it better, knowing you really couldn't
Tell me how you could ruin such a beautiful woman
With the games that you played, I don't put the blame
On her alone, we contributed both the same
It's tragic and that's what everything became
We had to let it go and watch it burn in flames

[Hook] x2

You know, it's messed up that things gotta be this way
Listen, it's not your fault, it's not mine really
Just some things aren't meant to happen

[Verse 3]
So I tell her, girl stop crying
Now we can both move on, stop trying
Now we at a stage that we can't be denying
Everything is dying
There's a better man out there so find him
I know now you probably hate me
Hate when I'm calling you crazy
Wishing you can always evade me
Thinking in your mind only wonder what made me
Feel this way and be quite for so long
I guess I just realized we gotta move on

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