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The ILLZ - Heaven (Higher) lyrics

Damn in two days it'll be four years
Can you believe that?
I can't count the memories that I need back
I can't listen
I'm dealing with heavy feedback
I know you see that
I'm a grown man how did I achieve that?
Yea I know
But you're gone
Its hard to just let it go
And the reason why I don't know
Guess reality made it so
And it's a cold world
And I ain't doing well
Your physical is gone
I wonder could your soul tell?
What is going through my mind
One minute I'm blind and the next I'm doing fine
Begin to fall behind
Life it ain't kind
These days
And why do I fell these ways?
I stare in the mirror begin to see your features
And transform till the day that I meet ya

Let's make a toast to my people in the sky
Anybody you got watching from the sky
And some days I can't help but wonder why
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You ever had to say to goodbye
Its been a while since we last spoke
So for that reason I'm writing you this note
We're down here losing our grip
Only hear bad things when we're moving our lips
A lot of people still standing on the same strip
Besides a few things here its just the same sh**
And all the problems we face yo that's a long list
I ain't talk to Solomon in the longest
Everyday I say that I'm gone call him
And never do
I hear things are going right for him
And when we talked about d**h it felt foreign
But when you stood in her steps it started pouring
And the rain ain't really stopped since
All cause some dude that ain't really have sense
Prof's still doing his thing
And every other day Ray gives me a ring
I talk to him
He's down In burbs
He moved out with his girl
Lives in South Jerz
Rob he's still on point
Its crazy ‘Born Ready' is still my joint
Even though I ain't listened for a while
I just smile cause you had the illest style
Guess every time that I listen I feel distant (It's my heart that I think about)
I guess its just my dude that I'm missing (It's my heart that I think about)

And you can get a much higher ground...

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