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The ILLZ - Think and Grow lyrics

[Verse 1]

What happened to the rap game
It turned into the crack game
Got rappers that's screaming k**
Regardless if they are ill
Sex, d** and doller bills
It got to a point
Where if you don't stand on the corner
Repping like you're a soldier
Then forget it, its over
Everyday you're hearing the same script
I'm tucking the 4-5th
I'm running the whole strip
I hustle and I pitch
That ye like oh sh**
And I will never quit
You wanna stunt then fuk it I'll let the gat applaud
You already know I pack the four
I love when cats say don't confuse for me a rapper
Then why the f** you rapping for?
I'm getting tired of listening to they're nonsense
This sh** is so constant
But nowadays its change we're taking over this rap sh**
Creativity is back
Taking away the power from all these lame cats
That only talk about d** and gats
And its over

[Excerpt 1 from "Behind the Music" Documentary]

[Verse 2]

The game is f**ed up we're living now in a time
If you don't commit a crime
Then f** it you shouldn't rhyme
If you ain't a thug or a hustla
Then f** ya
They throw dirt on ya
And gun buck ya
I asked my old school dude from the other side of town
Tell me where has the game gone
He tells me dunn all this trap sh**, moving packs sh**
Hustle hard everything is the same song
Let change come
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Real rap is taking over again
Promise me this sh** is over for dem
Its over
Finger to the trigger
Hand to the sky
And wave goodbye to this sh**
Cause this rap games over
And I'll make sure it never comes back

[Excerpt 2 from "Behind the Music" Documentary]

[Verse 3]

Do you hear what I'm telling you…echo
They said this moment it would never come true
But now this rap game it is over
So say farewell
And goodbye
And good try
Trying to make us fail
No more lies
You're inside
The coffin
Heres the nails
Die faster
We're done with you basterds
Fake gangsta rappers uh!
I mean damn why can't dudes be creative
When did the game turn automated?
When did we get unmotivated
How did we let it all get so faded
Why did we feel intimidated
To go right in and change it
Lets elevate it
I look at dudes that made it
And realize that most are overrated
Can't we just make it all shine just a little
Bring back the art of real rhyme for a little
Murder the evil snakes and vultures
That tried to k** our culture
Like we're supposed ta
Bring a new era closer
Go ahead throw a rose up
Just for closure
Cuz now this rap game is over
Over over ova

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