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The ILLZ - Melfi lyrics

[Verse 1]
Somebody tell me what's the meaning
The hunt for dough, I'm fiending
I feel it like I been dreaming
The hunger that I be feeding
Is similar to my demons
Beware of the all dooming
Need for the greed, I see it, it's all looming
Around the perimeter, tempers is just fuming
Wishing they could give it up, I need a shot
Working with what I got
And believe me it's not a lot
Promise to never stop
Though I'm feeling just like a prop
Empty and so square
Feels like I'm not there
I'm standing in the background, no one really cares
Throughout these sad years
I swear that it ain't fair
I'm gone

[Verse 2]
And maybe I'm not there
My vision in the mirror, I met with a deep stare
Who am I?
He that never dies
Born to touch the sky
With a cry
I exclaimed, get me lames let em try!
But they're lifeless
A choice that you make could bring you a crisis
They say you'll pay for it
But never mention the prices
A wise man told me, just listen because its like this
Grow old without living if you remain indecisive
So take a chance
Turn your life around, change ya plans
The hardest choices are the ones that really make the man
And don't be hesitant to motivate and make demands
Don't waste your time trying to make em understand
If they never did, they never will
Talking plans on the phone with Ill
Lets give them something they could feel
Grind harder
When life is full of problems then you starve her
Instead of being saddened and blaming it on your karma
A chink on the armor
Still remain a beast
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Can I please say my piece?
Can somebody let me speak?
Been a month since I actually enjoyed myself
I'm trying to take it to the point where I enjoy my wealth
Well, you know you gotta have it to enjoy it
And beef it comes around no matter trying to avoid it
Whenever I feel that I could win
It begins
Thoughts of second guessing is coming up from within
You ever felt unappreciated?
So underrated?
A few seconds from feeling like you made it
But everyday it's harder not to hate it
Back when I was younger
I felt all the pressure that I was under
Looking for acceptance
One day it just made me wonder
Forget this drama, I'm leaving it for them young ones
I distanced from the haters
And vowed to never become one
I'm tainted
I'm filled with the hunger of being famous
While staring at the world, I decided I wanna change it
Nobody could feel me, nobody could smell the fragrance
Of greatness
Like I was speaking another language
It deepens
All of these haters, they only praying that I weaken
I hope my state of mind one day could reach them
Something inside em and spark a fire
I hope one day you welcome whatever your heart desires
No bad wishes
Recollections of my dad, listen
He's telling me to take a risk, saying that's living
That's giving
With all you got to it
My mind, it ran through it
Seen it all in past visions
I look up to him with this admiration
He's saying live life, forget the hesitation
And make decisions with little deliberation
I married money and art, and made it my inspiration
They told me, son when u get older
You might have the world up on your shoulders
But we built you to get over
Just be a soldier

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