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The ILLZ - The Constant Gardener lyrics


[Verse 1]
I sacrificed everything I ever knew
They ask how can people see your vision
If you don't believe in you?
So I bet everything on me
One man with the strength of a small army
As far as money yeah I made a ton
What I got left from it? Maybe none
Why ain't you saving some?
Cause what's the reason for it?
Homie face it
I'm out here trying to make it
What's the point in saving?
I find it hard to understand me
Look I am giving this my all there is no ‘Plan B'
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It's either this or nothing
Think a few years back when I was 20 something
All this liquor all these fast broads I was f**ing
I guess I needed that for me to grow
What will happen in the future?
Not for me to know
Homie I work hard
Even though I feel I'm playing with the worst cards
Feel I'm locked behind bars screaming, “Where's God?”
It's like I tell my homie Joel
Let's toast to life and hope it goes well
So f** waiting on a co-sign
Or somebody to tell you that this is your time
Your world's created in your own mind
It's your time
It's your … time


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