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The ILLZ - Energy In Motion lyrics

[Verse 1:]

I think I need guidance
Maybe some one to confide in
Something that can stir all these emotions that I'm hiding
Someone that can help with the conclusion I'm deriving
I'm grinding
Still this negativity's beside him
Seems like everybody wants to bury him
Make him stressed out
Give him something that'll worry him
Trying to tear him apart
Only wishing that its hurting him
But no hurry son
I don't worry none
I threw away the drama and the grief
And replaced it all with definite belief
Took whatever I envisioned in my sleep
And made it something to reach
Incorporated in speech
See I dream when I'm awake
Made a secret vow not to make the same mistake
Of ever working hard for the money
Cause you ain't sposed to work for it
Really money's something you're supposed to make

I don't mind the people staring
Cause I know, they never see me anyway
In these days, all the world's stage
And everyone just wants to be the star

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[Verse 2:]

It's some true sh**
Everybodies been through it
Trying to get it all
And people say you can't do it
Till you gotta prove it
And you feel that they curse your every movement
I ain't giving in
Theres so many heads
Trying to get rid of him
All these losers wishing
I would never win again
Say my musics' too different
They afraid cause they know
They lack visions
Blind ways
Trying to usher in the sun
For a better day
I hear them criticizing everything a brother say
Say my musics too dark
But from the start
I made music from the heart
Something pure
And I vowed that I will never b unsure
What you saying won't affect me, not anymore
Just be prepared for everythings that's in store
I walked out of the box
And put my foot through the door
I ain't giving in


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