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The ILLZ - Dreams of Life and Beth lyrics

[Intro - Beth Gibbons Sample]
Let the show begin
It's a sorry sight
Let it all deceive
Now I'm
Pains in me
That I'd never found

[Verse 1]
They ask me what's your motivation, money or fam?
You ask me, well they're one in the same
You'd understand if you knew of the places I came from
Nothing I could lose, only sh** I could gain
Like what's the point of being alive if you don't make a difference?
Contemplating suicide, heavy's the decision
But I'd rather keep living, even if I feel diminished
Cause I'm the one that decides when everything is finished
So when tough times roll in and everything's against me
I promise I'ma give it all I got until I'm empty
And when I see that all hope is dying
I won't stop I promise to keep trying

[Hook - Sample]
But it's all just a show
A time for us, and the words we'll never know
And daylight comes, and fades with the tide
And I'm here to stay

[Verse 2]
Even if its late night, eyes wide open trying to see the signs
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Searching for the meaning behind a recurring dream of mine
Everyday it gets colder, no summertime
I haven't seen the sun for months, does it even shine?
A woman in the distance, when I reach her
She starts to speak to me never using one word
She says don't worry things will go as they should
And her stare told me more than any set of words could
She said your competition is weak so never mind them
You were far ahead even when u fell behind them
Its all about timing, be glad its on your side
And the sun on that day it arrives, just let it shine in
I nod to her, but what's the meaning of it?
I don't know, but I always get this feeling from it
Reach the top, will I be one of the few that does it?
Or will I live my whole life just dreaming of it
I don't know...


But listen I'll keep trying
Said I promise to keep trying
Will I win and beat failure
Or begin to meet failure
I don't know I'll keep trying
Said I promise to keep trying
When tough times roll in, and everything's against me
I promise I'ma a give it all I got until I'm empty
Said I promise to keep trying
Yeah I promise to keep trying
Till I'm gone

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