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The ILLZ - Persistence lyrics

[Intro - Will Smith]
You got a dream, you gotta protect it
People can't do something themselves
They wanna tel you, you can't do it
If you want something, go get it

[Verse 1]
I said why bother being hopeless
Aiming for the top, I'm too focused
To wonder why these people never notice
Had a revelation right before I sat and wrote this
Thinking where I've been and what I had to do before this
Had to tell my brother, see before you go and record this
Let my heart be the beat, soul be the chorus
Saying time flies, while i'm staring at my auras
I ain't walked through, but I can show you where the door is
Means I know exactly where I gotta go
It takes time though, yo, how that line go?
Always look ahead, do what you gotta do
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Nothing can stop a man with the right mental attitude
And nothing can help a man that carries the wrong one
They better sit tight, it's gonna be a long one
They say it ain't over till the fat lady sings
Well I'ma be right here for when the song's done
So let me state for the record that, homey listen up
You cannot say my name in the same sentence as giving up
Cause right when you get the thought, like is this enough
There's always something that comes around and will lift him up
Want negativity, then go and check the news
It's essential having clarity, I never feel confused
You ever felt like it's impossible to lose
Wanting happiness and money its impossible to choose
Live righteous, at least I try to
You can really do anything you decide to
Use my voice as a vehicle let it drive you
The potential to win, you got it inside you
One stare, you can see that living inside me
Is a level of greatness thats always rising
On the way to the top is where you can find me
I won't talk I'll just let the music define me

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