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The ILLZ - Cover Me lyrics

[Verse 1]
Cover me I'm going in
Never lose I'm born to win
When its done I go again
Harder till they know its him
Cruising with a lady friend
Hair blowing in the wind
Bout to get it in
Like I got a title to defend
came from the bottom up
Yeah I had a lot of luck
That's because I made it happen
Look at you, you're mad as f**
I'm on the elevator
Homey you can take the ladder up
sh**ting, pissing on these cowards
Bout to blow my bladder up
Get my motivation, grind and talent
Go head add em up
That'll equal out a winner
Patient but I had enough
Cooling on the sidelines
Waiting till its my time
Now's the perfect hour though
so you can call it primetime
This is dedicated
to those wishing I ain't made it
I been underrated
Overlooked and underestimated
I be going gone faded
Till I'm feeling elevated
for anyone who hated
better yet I won't say it

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Cover Me I'm going
I said Cover Me I'm going

[Verse 2]
I been too busy
Trying to k** it in the city
Where the dudes are always hating
And the girls are so pretty
I'm from jerz
Home of naughty, lauryn, clef, reggie and whitney
I represent the garden state
Got Hudson county with me
Right across from NY
rappers wanna get fly
And start to hate I
I say live and let die
sh** a brutha 5'11"
Still I am doing what I do
You could be 6'2"
Still won't have a better view

Respect for a brother when he come through
They rep for a brother
Well that's nothing new
So you could say that I'm the opposite of you
I'm trying to say that homey you're the opposite of true
And all you'll be is the opposite of me
Impossible there's not a probability
That's just the way that all this sh** has got to be
You will never be as hot as me



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