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The Huntingtons - FFT lyrics

Sitting in my room
The thoughts are flying through my head
[Unverified] inside my brain is tart
The contract's on my bed

Smell the smell of cigar smoke
And I know who it is
Ideas are dumb, the doors are shut
The messages are his

My buddy Al drove off a cliff
And ran into a nail
He licks his wounds and wonders
How the tooth drove him to fail
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He hates to park his car
Downtown on 16th Avenue
Sometimes her eyes are green
And other times I think they're blue

My sister is a mother
And my mother is a chore
My brother is a junkie
For the C.O. music boards

I knew this guy who was so lazy
And he was so dumb
He slept all day and lost his job
And now he is a bum

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