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The Huntingtons - Avi Is A Vampire lyrics

There's this guy from West Beloit
He's such a mutton head
He wears black cloaks and eye makeup
To look like he is dead Never thought it funny
That he hangs down in the streets
Never thought it odd
That he bites everyone he meets I think Avi is a vampire
I think so He had a show and called us up
To ask us if we'd play
But his band went on first
And they scared everyone away Some people say he is for real
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And others say he's full
Of junk and that your leg's
The only thing he'd ever pull He's not your ordinary creep
He's not some crazy psycho freak
And he's not the one who
Haunts you while you sleep Avi's just a real cool guy
That some misunderstand
'Cuz he knows God and all that stuff
Just falls in with his plan But he just likes to get a rise
Out of the normal folks
He's just the same as you and me
Under those silly jokes

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